FREE Adaptive Skating Class.

Cool Sports believes everyone should have the opportunity to ice skate and is committed to providing positive and supportive programming for all to participate, learn from, and enjoy!

SUNDAY JANUARY 12, 2020. 11AM – 11:45AM.

Class is available at no charge and open to participants ages 3 and up. Cool Sports coaches, skaters and volunteers will be on hand to help make each experience memorable. Pre-registration is required as space is limited. Please arrive by 10:30am and be dressed in warm layers. If you have a helmet, that is recommended, a bike helmet will do. There is no fee to participate, all costs are covered.

What is Adaptive/Therapeutic Skating?

Adaptive/Therapeutic Skating is a unique program providing children and adults with physical and mental disabilities access to the sport of ice skating by offering them an opportunity to participate in a specialized skating experience.

What are the benefits?

Ice skating improves balance, circulation, coordination, and strength. Adaptive/Therapeutic Skating instructors guide skaters in an adaptive and supporting environment. Individuals progress and explore the sport of ice skating at their own rate, building confidence in the pursuit of a new lifelong activity

We want this opportunity to be as accessible as possible to anyone wanting to participate. Family members will be able to easily reach people on the ice if need be, and our volunteers and staff will be able to offer individual help. Shoes are not permitted on the ice, however those in wheelchairs are welcome and will be escorted by our skaters around the ice. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Marcia Little, Skating Director