Rising Stars

What’s the next step after Learn to Skate? Rising Stars is our “bridge” program for Advanced Learn to Skate, Teen/Adults and FS 1-6 level skaters!

With a program agenda devoted to taking skaters to the next level of their skating careers, skaters can choose which classes best suit their needs and schedule.  Rising Stars is designed to develop skating skills while still being in a group environment. Any combination of classes $185.00 or higher will include an 8-punch freestyle card.

* Remember that your 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekly class is 50% off!

Jump & Spin
Our Jump and Spin classes are a fantastic addition to any skating curriculum. Focusing just on the jumps and spins each skater is trying to master, this can be a platform for skaters to reach their next level in skating. Classes are open to any skater working on jump and spin elements.

Axel Class
The class with focus solely on the axel jump, and the off-ice AND on-ice exercises related to successfully landing multi-rotational jumps

Creative Steps, Turns & Bonus Skills Class
This class will focus on the specific of turns from three-turns to twizzles and all the connecting steps. Everything you need to complete a Step Sequence or have stronger Moves in the Field skills. On every level there are elements in skating. This class will help skaters expand their skills beyond the basics.

Moves in the Field/Power Class NOT AVAILABLE FOR WINTER 2020
Skaters with no USFS MIF tests will focus on the Pre-Preliminary test elements. Skaters past the Pre-Preliminary test level will focus on power and edges. Skaters will be divided into two groups based on these levels. MIF is the CORE of skating skills and a must for skaters wishing to improve.

Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning
Our Off-Ice class incorporates strength, conditioning, balance, power, mobility coordination and body awareness to maximize the athlete’s potential on and off the ice. Participants will meet in the lobby by the turf side doors at 11:15 am. Please be in unrestricted athletic clothing and athletic shoes. No jeans, flip flop or sandals. Bottled water is recommended.

Booster Lessons

Booster lessons are mini private lessons designed to give a “boost” with one-on-one instruction. These lessons are scheduled during public or freestyle sessions and lessons can be used to prepare for evaluations or to work on a maneuver that skaters may be struggling with. The lessons can also be used to learn new maneuvers or to get an idea of what private lessons are all about. You can speak to a coach of your choice directly to set up a lesson or contact our director to be paired with a coach.

15 minute private lessons will range $10 – $20

30 minute private lessons will range $20 – $40

Siblings receive $10 off each additional registration after one full price registration.

Skaters get 50% of a second weekly class of lesser or equal value.

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