Adult Ice Hockey

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From beginner to expert, Cool Sports Knoxville, home of the Icearium offers great opportunities for adult ice hockey players in Knoxville, men and women alike.  Full Gear is required for all players.  Please direct all hockey inquiries to our Hockey Director, KJ Voorhees at (865) 218-4500 xt. 223 or email at

Adult Hockey Leagues

More experienced adults will want to join our B or C-League house programs. Our 2016 Adult Winter Hockey League season will begin in November 27th. Cool Sports will have B , C1 and C2-Leagues.   Each player is evaluated to determine which league they can play in. B & C Leagues will play on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights.

*We are looking for “B”,  “C1” & “C2” level players for our Winter session which will start November 27th.*

If you are interested in joining a team, please contact KJ Voorhees at 865-218-4500.