Adult Skating Opportunities


 Skaters ages 18 & older can enjoy furthering their skating career by enrolling in group skating classes, Coffee Club or private instruction.  For assistance with any of the Cool Sports’ ice skating programs, please contact our skating department at                      (865) 218-4500 x 227.

Group Instruction

Learn to Skate
Group skating classes are offered for beginner to intermediate level adult skaters in the Adult 1 – 6 program.  Tuesday evening, Thursday and Saturday LTS skating packages include 30 minutes of group instruction, 30 minutes of practice time, skate rental AND an 8 punch public skate card. Tuesday morning classes include 30 minutes of instruction, 90 minutes of public skate and skate rental. Register at:



Coffee Club

At time for Adults 18+ to have the ice to themselves to work on improving there skills. This is available for all levels of skaters. Register at:



Private Instruction
Adult skaters are also have the opportunity to hire a private skating instructor.  Skating schedules will be determined by the skater & coach.  For assistance in finding a private coach for you, contact the Skating Director.