Ice Skating Lessons

Welcome to the new & improved U.S. Figure Skating program…….Learn to Skate USA!!  Cool Sports is proud to host such a wonderful program for skaters of all ages & skating levels, knowing that skating skills are the essential common key for participants of all ice sports.



STEP 1:  Register with US Figure Skating between July 1st – June 30th.  A one-time annual fee of $16 (+ tax & fees) will be required in order to participate in the Cool Sports skating program.   Click here to register with US Figure Skating

STEP 2:  Enroll in group ice skating lessons @ Cool Sports
This is a very cost effective way to determine if your child is interested in ice skating.  Class packages vary depending on option chosen but all classes include 30 minute lesson and skate rental.Please see the flyer below for all the information.  During the final week of the session (not during summer mini sessions) skaters are able bring 1 buddy so they can skate too.  Classes are divided by age & skating ability, and are offered for first-time skaters ages 3 – 5 (Snowplow Sam), ages 6 – 12 (Basic 1),  and skaters ages 14 & older (Teen / Adult 1).  Once passed, skaters are invited to continue advancing through the Learn To Skate USA program.  Group instruction is offered for skaters in (Basic 2 – Pre-Freeskate) and teen / adults (Teen / Adult 2 – 6). Register for all classes at:



**Private instruction may be added to your skating agenda along with group classes at any time.  Contact the Skating Director to learn more about “booster lessons”.  Click here for additional information about the Learn to Skate USA program at Cool Sports**


STEP 3:  Competitions
Competitions can start as early as Snowplow Sam and are offered at Cool Sports in the Summer.   To learn more about “How to start competing”, contact the Skating Director.


Register for all classes at :

For information on any of the above mentioned classes, please contact the Cool Sports Skating Director at (865) 218-4500 x 227.