Cool Sports Skating Academy

What’s the next step after Learn to Skate???  The Skating Academy!!! 

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Cool Sports has a “bridge” program for advanced Basic Skills, Teen/adults and FS 1 – 6 level skaters.  The “Skating Academy” is open top skaters in PreFreeskate (Basic 7 & 8), FS 1  – FS 6, and graduates of the Teen / Adult 6 program.  With the program agenda devoted to taking skaters to the next level of their skating careers, it includes practice time (30 min FS session), on-ice warm-up & group instruction on USFS curriculum (45 minutes), and off-ice training (20 minutes).  Contact the Figure Skating Department at skating@coolsportstn.comto learn more about advanced skating opportunities.


….Beginning Summer of 2017….

Friday Evening Artistry & Theatrical Classes AND Sunday afternoon Technical Elements Classes.  Academy enrollees can choose to participate in classes focused more on the artistic side of skating (Friday evenings) OR participate in classes focused more on Skating Elements from Pre-Free Skate and FS 1 – FS 6 (Sunday afternoons).  You are more than welcome to enroll for both days and get the best of “all things skating related”.  The agenda will certainly push skaters to reach their skating goals, and hopefully shed some light of various disciplines of skating (i.e. synchro ice dance, theatre on ice).  Online registration closes June 1st…..late fees will apply after this date.  Click here to register for Summer Academy 2017!!


 STEP 1:  Register for US Figure Skating membership (July 1st – June 30th) by clicking here.

STEP 2:  Enroll in the Skating Academy Program by visiting the Registration page for Cool Sports.

STEP 3:  Have FUN!!!!!

Questions about this program?  Contact the Skating Director at 865.218.4500 x 227