Cool Sports Skating Academy

What’s the next step after Learn to Skate??? 

Advanced Learn to Skate classes!!! 

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Cool Sports has a “bridge” program for advanced Basic Skills, Teen/Adults and FS 1 – 6 level skaters. With the program agenda devoted to taking skaters to the next level of their skating careers, skaters can choose which classes best suit their needs and schedule. Advanced LTS is designed to develop skating skills while still being in a group environment. We offer both on and off-ice class options to help move each skater forward with their skating goals. Any combination of classes $200 or higher will include an 8-punch freestyle card. (Remember…your 2nd, 3rd, 4th weekly class is 50% off!!!)





Contact the Figure Skating Department at to learn more about advanced skating opportunities.

 STEP 1:  Register for US Figure Skating membership (July 1st – June 30th) by clicking here.

STEP 2:  Enroll in the Advanced Learn to Skate classes by visiting the Registration page for Cool Sports.

STEP 3:  Have FUN!!!!!

Questions about this program?  Contact the Skating Director at 865.218.4500 x 227