Advanced Figure Skating


The Cool Sports Skating Academy is dedicated to overseeing the growth & longevity of figure skating from grassroots to champions.
Our program starts with group classes and ends with a passion for skating.

Once skaters have completed Basic 6 of the Learn to Skate USA program, they are invited to join the Skating Academy and register for Pre-JSA or the Adult Skating Academy.  Advanced figure skaters are not allowed to perform SKATING JUMPS during public skate times; advanced-level skaters are required to purchase FS Sessions (FS) when needing to work on jumps, spins or perform program run-throughs.  FS Sessions are NOT open to the public, and skaters are required to be members in good standing with either US Figure Skating, Ice Skating Institute or USA Hockey.  These sessions can be purchased individually or at monthly rates.  Skaters are invited to skate as many FS sessions as they want as long as they:
a) fit the skating level criteria for each FS Session
b) have read & understand the FS Session Ice Usage & Etiquette policies (see below)
c) are a member in good standing with US Figure Skating, Ice Skating Institute or USA Hockey

WAIT!  Before you step on one of these sessions, here are some other things you need to know….

1.  You MUST be a member in good standing with either USFS or ISI.  Membership cards are required for first time & visiting FS session skaters.
2.  You have read the Cool Sports _Ice Usage & Etiquette 2016
3.  You have either had a private lesson with a Cool Sports’ skating instructor during a FS session or are familiar with traditional FS session flow & safety requirements.
4.  You have shared an email address with the Skating Director.  Important session information is passed onto skaters / parents via email communications.  (Cancelations & additional sessions are advertised via email and on the Cool Sports phone app)
5.  There are three skating schedules offered to figure skaters; school-year, holiday (2 weeks in Dec / Jan) and summer
6.  FS Sessions MUST be pre-purchased before skating and all skaters are REQUIRED to sign-in at the front desk.  Any skater failing to do complete both of these tasks will be asked to exit the ice.
*FS Sessions can be purchased at discounted rates online (ranging from $7.50 – $5 per session) before 10pm the night before or $10 in person as a “walk-on” skater.  Spots are limited to 25 skaters per session; walk-on skaters will be allowed to skate FS sessions if spots are available.  To pre-register for FS sessions, select the REGISTRATION / Freestyle Session button or click here.

Guest skaters and coaches are welcomed to skate at Cool Sports.  A 72 hour email notification to the Skating Director is required.  Skaters will need to have a copy of their USFS or ISI membership card, which can be kept on file.

Guest coaches will need to be compliant with US Figure Skating (or ISI) and have a copy of their liability insurance with them, naming Cool Sports as additionally insured.  A 25% commission will be charged to guest coaches for lessons taught at Cool Sports.  Questions?  Contact our Skating Director, at or 865.218.4500 x 227.  Have fun & Sk8 Safe!

Cool Sports offers discounted FS session rates through monthly packages & monthly punch passes.  These options can be purchased online or in person at Cool Sports but MUST be done 24 hours prior to skating.  Package & passes need to be purchased FIRST by visiting here.  THEN, the Account Holder will need to re-login and select the FS sessions that the skater wishes to reserve for skating by clicking here.  **Packages & Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Both expire at the end of the purchased month.  Altered or canceled “typical” sessions will be added / subtracted before monthly FS sessions can be purchased.  In situations where an unforeseen cancelation or schedule change occurs, the Skating Director will contact skaters assigned to the FS sessions and either provide a credit or a make-up option (depending on ice availability).  ALL U CAN SK8 monthly packages do not include FS credits.

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS (Summer pricing may vary)
ALL U CAN SK8 Monthly Package = $350 / month
Early Bird Package = $175 / month

10 Session Punch Pass = $70 / month
20 Session Punch Pass = $130 / month
30 Session Punch Pass = $180 / month
40 Session Punch Pass = $220 / month
50 Session Punch Pass = $250 / month
NOTE:  Reminder that packages & passes must be purchased at least 24 hours prior to skating session(s) AND FS sessions need to be reserved in the “skater’s” name.  Any skater failing to reserve FS sessions, will be charged the $10 walk-on rate (per FS) as they won’t be listed on the check-in sheets.

Click here to purchase FS Sessions.  Online FS Session purchases need to be completed no later than 11:59pm the night before.


Summer 2017  |  Skating Schedule…..coming soon!